About Fever

Our vision is a world powered by renewables where anyone can provide flexibility to support the grid. 

For a world powered by renewables

Take control of your energy assets and empower their flexibility online.

Fever provides a platform for aggregators who want to participate in the balancing markets in an automated and optimized way.

Our platform ensures that our partners get the most out of their energy resources by optimizing flexibility and additional energy services. Together with our partners, we can accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources and create new and important revenue streams.

We’re an independent powertech company fully staffed for partners with complex needs

Our team has experience from companies such as iZettle, Spotify, Volvo On Demand, PayPal and Einride - we know how to build secure, stable, and fast platforms globally.

Fever is a member of ENEFF, Power Circle and SmartEn. We are funded by investors who care about the future and want to accelerate the transition to a greener world.

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