Our platform

The new
platform for EVs.

Let your drivers make an impact - and earn money through flexibility. 

For a world powered by renewables

Take control of your energy assets
and empower their flexibility online.

Fevers platform empowers smart charging, demand response and V1G/V2G for your entire EV fleet.

We handle market integrations, bidding optimization, reporting, analytics and payouts - so that you can focus on customer experience. 

Support a
greener future

By letting your fleet participate with flexibility, you are supporting the transition to a renewable energy future and reducing the need for traditional power plants.

energy costs

With smart charging and demand response - you can reduce your drivers energy bills.

Increase value
for drivers

Demand response and V1G/V2G technology adds a new source of revenue for EV owners, increasing the overall value of your fleet.

Join the EV
revolution today

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