Your own virtual power plant platform

A 17th century service technician setting up a Pixii PowerShaper cabinet

Your assets, your flexibility

Our platform is unmatched in unleashing your energy assets' full potential.

Energy companies, EV manufacturers, data centres, and power producers use Fever's platform to run virtual power plants, integrating a wide range of energy assets.

Our platform predicts flexible capacity and ensures the best returns on the right market. Beyond optimisation, our platform handles qualifications, reporting, and payouts with precision, making us the trusted choice for maximising the value of your energy asset.

Is it API-based and modular? Yes.

Fever — A Powerhouse

A team of experts from high-growth companies such as iZettle, PayPal, Spotify, Einride, Volvo Cars — we’re used to highly scalable, stable and secure platforms.

Backed by impact-focused VCs such as General Catalyst, Norrsken VC and La Famiglia.

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We’re a powerful friend.

We serve some of the most well-known and cutting-edge powertech companies in the world. If you want to help us build a resilient and fossil-free power grid, we’d love to hear from you.